Nishant Gathwal at Jim Corbett

So I would like to begin by saying that this is my first blog post in hopefully a series of interesting posts that I am yet to put. I’ll start with a brief introduction about myself. I am a UX designer by profession and apart from that, I like to spend my time travelling(if I can), exploring food joints, learning something new, watching movies, and listening to music(although that has significantly declined in recent years). And yes! Meditation is a godsend activity or shall I say something which is so natural that we forget to practice it. Apart from all these structured labels I sometimes do wander in a zone where I forget about the time and space reality and just be which is sometimes in a positive fashion and sometimes it is in a negative fashion. Though it’s hard to explain that state but yes that happens sometimes and then I have to bring myself back in the present and be more present!

I have always been close to my family throughout my life and have always stayed with them and hopefully will continue to do so afterwards from here and have seen a lot of ups and downs with them. Friends have changes over the course of time, I have had pretty solid friendships but like every season has an expiry date same happened with all my friends. But its not something bad which happened I am still on good terms with everyone that i have known (i guess).

So yes i am just going to figure out what to put on this space but hopefully some will like what i share.

Have a happy day!