During the nascent stages of my career, I had the privilege of contributing to a groundbreaking startup, honing my design skills on the fly. The artifacts below showcase the evolution of wireframes, ranging from low to mid-fidelity, depicting a bespoke CRM platform tailored for our esteemed restaurant clients. This platform served as a centralized hub, empowering restaurants to seamlessly manage their SMS and email campaigns.

The intrinsic link between this CRM solution and the surge in foot traffic and online orders for the restaurants was palpable. The strategic integration of targeted campaigns not only elevated the restaurant’s visibility but also translated into tangible business growth. A pivotal feature of our custom CRM was its ability to furnish clients with periodic reports, offering a comprehensive view of the efficacy of their marketing endeavors. This not only enhanced transparency but also enabled clients to make informed decisions, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the platform and the success of the restaurants it served.

SMS Campaign

The user enters the campaign buider,
chooses a branch locaiton of the restaurant from the drop down, enters the name of the campaign, selects the type of sources which is mapped to the respective user base, write the SMS notification with an option to preview.
Also an option to automate the campaign as per the need of a particula campaign resulting in improved efficiency.

Emailer Campaign

For the emailer campaigm, the design consisted of a 3 step process with first starting with entering basic details for the campaign with an additional option to choose a campaign category like offer based or cuisine based to accomodate the varying needs of the restaurants.
The second step consists of adding the actual content of the emailer like the emailer subject with email body in an html editor.

The final step included the previewing the final emailer to check mistakes and know what the user has entered with the option to schedule this.
In the dynamic environment of Limetray, I spearheaded a design revolution with unparalleled speed. As the sole architect of UX and marketing designs, I navigated the rapid expansion of our team, witnessing it burgeon from a compact quartet to a formidable force of 50-60 individuals within a mere 9 months. The pace was relentless, the stakes were high, and in this whirlwind of growth, I not only met but surpassed the design demands, ensuring our visual narrative kept pace with our soaring team dynamics.