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Introducing Antara, a dedicated NGO committed to maternal and child health, addressing critical issues such as maternal deaths, under-5 mortality, and malnutrition among children.

**My Role:**
As a UX designer collaborating with thegeekslab consulting for Antara, my role revolves around crafting a seamless digital experience for the frontline healthcare workers.

**Target Audience:**
In India, three vital cadres of Community Health Workers (CHWs) – Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), Anganwadi Worker (AWW), and Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) – play pivotal roles in healthcare. With specific responsibilities and training durations, these workers focus on promoting maternal and child health, immunizations, and institutional-based deliveries.

**Final Product:**
Our innovative solution unifies the efforts of these frontline workers through a smart application, addressing the challenges arising from distinct supervisory systems and work cultures. This app facilitates efficient data sharing, streamlining routine tasks, generating essential government reports, and offering an online supervision dashboard, ultimately enhancing their ability to deliver care.

Initially launched in Rajasthan and inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhra Raje, the app’s success has led to its expansion across various states, significantly impacting the efficiency of healthcare services.

**My Process:**
The project began with a visit to Jhalawaad village alongside Antara’s team members. Collaborating closely with Damini and Rahul, I gathered insights, identified pain points, and brainstormed solutions with the support of my chief UX designer, Shaurya Rawat. User interviews, surveys, and onboarding workshops were conducted to understand user scenarios, ensuring the app’s design aligned with the needs of both the CHWs and the communities they served.

**Challenges and Solutions:**
Language presented a challenge during the transition from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mockups. To address this, we translated the content from English to Hindi through Google Translate, ensuring effective communication.

This project has been a humbling experience, providing a unique opportunity to impact grassroots-level healthcare. The journey involved meticulous design iterations, user feedback, and collaboration with the Antara team, ultimately resulting in a powerful tool for healthcare workers.

Antara’s commitment to maternal and child health, coupled with cutting-edge technology solutions, exemplifies a transformative approach to healthcare delivery.